Traditional curd cheese

Traditional cheese has a dense texture of real homemade curds. It is used for making curd pancakes, cheesecakes and other pastries. And if you want to have a nutritious quick meal, we recommend Traditional in a small package of 230 g.

Traditional curd cheese, fat free (skim)

— 230g / 400g —

Traditional curd cheese, 5%

— 230g  —

Traditional curd cheese, 9,5%

— 230g / 400g —

(per 100 g)

  Traditional curd cheese, fat free (skim) Traditional curd cheese, 5% Traditional curd cheese, 9,5%
Protein not less than 14 g  not less than 14 g  not less than 14 g 
Fat not more than 0,5 g not less than 5 g not less than 9,5 g
Carbohydrate 1,8 g  2 g 2 g
Calorific (energy) value 284kJ (68 kcal 457 kJ (109 kcal)  629 kJ (150 kcal) 
Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature 4±2 °С 30 days