It takes a whole life to become a true professional. At Zveny Gora we are keen on giving our specialist the opportunity to constantly improve their skills. Our technologists and workshop workers attend professional semin.ars in Ukraine and abroad every year. It is a great pleasure for us to learn ourselves and to share our experience with Ukrainian and foreign colleagues.



International quality standards

You can find cheeses of TM Zveny Gora nearly at any supermarket in all the regions of Ukraine. The range of our products includes classical hard cheeses  Rosiiyskyi, Smetankovyi, Gollandskyi; cheese manufactures according to our own recipes  Zvenygorodskyi Extra, Dobrodar, Figura. As well as processed and curd cheeses and butter.

In 2001 the TM Zveny Gora together with Zvenygorodskyi Cheese Processing Plant joined the international group SAVENCIA. The group unites the world’s best cheese and dairy products makers ranking 2-nd among the cheese making groups in France and 5-th in the world. Its products are represented in 120 countries of the world.

SAVENCIA experts give Zveny Gora craftsmen professional advice on production, new technologies and trends in the world’s cheese-making industry. Our specialists visit Europe every year to exchange experience with the colleagues.
To meet SAVENCIA’s high standards we modernized the industrial facilities of the plant and in 2005 it received ISO 9001 certification, in 2015  ISO 22000:2007

The TM Zveny Gora represents in Ukraine the following brands of the group SAVENCIA: Bonjour De France, Ile De France, Fol Epi, Le Truffier, Milkana, Saint Agur, Tartare, Chavroux, Rambol.



Our products

For 80 years Zveny Gora craftsmen have been doing their work with respect to traditions and openness to innovations. Zveny Gora cheeses are of steadily high-quality and each new product pleases Ukrainians with its original taste.



Caring for you

All the products of the Zvenygorodskyi plant are produced from fresh and natural milk, which is collected daily at farmers’ enterprises in Cherkaskyi and neighboring regions.

To produce Cheese TM Zveny Gora we use only proven, quality leavens. Our craftsmen personally taste all the cheeses before selling them to the consumers. Their aroma, texture, taste, even the form of the cheese holes is thoroughly checked.
We are always in a creative search. Savory Zvenygorodskyi, premium Dobrodar, light Figura — these are the cheeses whose formulas were worked out at different times by our craftsmen. These sorts of cheese have not only become well-known in Ukraine but have taken the fancy of many Ukrainians.

For three generations our craftsmen have been keeping and developing the cheese-making traditions of the town of Zvenygorodka. Zvenygorodka cheeses on the tables of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian people are the best confirmation of our devotion to cheese making.

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