Chocolate cheesecake with curd cheese Zveny Gora Traditional

For stuffing:
curd cheese Zveny Gora Traditional  400 g,
sugar  4 tablespoon,
agar-agar  30 g,
cream  100 ml,
milk chocolate  100 g,
black chocolate  40 g.
For corn:
chocolate biscuits  250 g,
butter Zveny Gora 73%  250 g.

2 h 40 min.

Type of dish




Crush chocolate biscuits into crumbs and mix them with melted butter. Put the mixture into a dish, flatten it out and put the dish into the fridge to cool off. Put cream and sugar into a warm stewing pan. Dilute agar-agar or coco powder in warm water, add to the cream and stir. Wait until the mixture gets warm and the sugar dissolves. Add milk chocolate and stir. When the chocolate melts, remove from fire. Strain curd cheese through a sieve until creamy texture. Pour the chocolate mixture into the cheese and blend until homogeneous. Take the dough basis out of the fridge and spread the cheese mixture on it. Grate black chocolate on top. Put into the refrigerator for 2 h. Serve the cheesecake with honey, jams, strawberries and peppermint or chocolate syrup.


Curd cheese «Traditional»

«Traditional» cheese has a dense texture of real homemade curds. It is used to make cheese cakes, cheese puddings and other pastries. And if you want to have a nutritious quick meal, we recommend «Traditional» in a small package of 230 grams.

Traditional curd cheese, fat free (skim)

— 230 g / 400 g —

Traditional curd cheese, 9,5%

— 230 g / 400 g —

Traditional curd cheese, 15%

— 230 g / 400 g —

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