Chanterelles in sour cream with cheese Zvenygorodskyi Extra

Fresh chanterelles  300 g,
onions  23,
cheese Zvenygorodskyi Extra  300 g,
Zveny Gora butter 73%  50 g,
tablespoon sour cream 20%  1,
bay leaves  12,
teaspoon salt  1.

1 h

Type of dish
Main course




Wash the chanterelles and clear them out of dirt, flood and bring them to the boil. After boiling, add half a spoon of salt, bay leaves and boil for 10 min. Cut the onions and start frying them. Add boiled chanterelles and fry all together for 10 min. Add salt and sour cream. Stew for 15 min. Meanwhile, prepare the garnish to your taste. It may be boiled or mashed potatoes, cereals or pasta. When the garnish is ready, grate the Zvenygorodskyi Extra cheese and add it to the chanterelles in the frying-pan. As soon as the cheese melts, the dish may be served.


Zvenygorodskiy Extra

Zvenygorodskiy Extra is the first cheese produced at our plant according to the original recipe. For almost 30 years this kind of cheese with a strong piquant taste has been popular not only in Ukraine, but in neighboring countries as well. But the real cheese Zvenygorodkiy is Zvenygorodskiy of the TM Zveny Gora from Zvenygorodka. Zvenygorodskiy Extra tastes wonderful in pizzas, lasagnas and with grilled meat.

Zvenygorodskiy Extra, wheel

— 7 kg —

Zvenygorodskiy Extra, pre-packed

— 285 g / 200 g —

Zvenygorodskiy Extra, slices

— 150 g —

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