Zvenygorodskyi Extra

Zvenygorodskyi Extra is the first cheese produced at our plant according to the original recipe. For almost 30 years this sort of cheese with a piquant and spicy taste has been popular not only in Ukraine, but in neighboring countries as well. But the true cheese Zvenygorodkyi is Zvenygorodskyi of the TM Zveny Gora from Zvenygorodka. Zvenygorodskyi Extra tastes wonderful in pizzas, lasagnas and with baked meat.

Zvenygorodskyi Extra, wheel

— 7 kg —

Zvenygorodskyi Extra, pre-packed

— 285 g / 200 g —

Zvenygorodskyi Extra, slices

— 150 g —

(per 100 g)


Fat content in dry matter 50% ± 2%
Protein not less than 21 g
Fat not less than 27 g
Calorific (energy) value 1370 kJ (327 kcal)
Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature from -4 °С to 0 °С inclusive 120 days