Lasagna with cheese Zvenygorodskyi Extra

For stuffing:
pork (leg or boneless shoulder)  700 g;
tomatoes  45,
onions  2,
garlic  3 cloves,
cheese Zvenygorodskyi Extra  300 g,
dry red wine  200 ml,
oil  2 tablespoons,
salt  1 teaspoon.
For Béchamel sauce:
milk  500 ml,
butter  40 g,
flour  2 tablespoons,
salt  1 teaspoon,
nutmeg  ¼ teaspoon.
For the dish:
ready-made Lasagna sheets  1215.

2 h

Type of dish
Main course




Cook the sauce in a stewpot. First melt the butter over low heat, add flour, mix well and cook for about 1 min. Then, stirring constantly, pour in warm milk. Let the sauce boil for 23 min. to get ready.

Cook the vegetables and the main stuffing in separate frying pans: the vegetables  in a smaller frying-pan and stuffing  in a bigger one. Cut the tomatoes in big pieces and cook them under a cover over a low heat for 20 min. When the tomatoes soften, put them aside. Cut the onions and garlic and fry them stirring in a big frying-pan for about 10 min. Mince the fried vegetables together with the cheese Zvenygorodskyi Extra and the meat. Cook the mince in a big frying-pan until the meat changes color into light-brown. Add wine and bring to the boil. Strain cooked tomatoes through a sieve and add to the meat in the frying-pan. Bring to the boil again and remove from heat.

When the meat sauce cools down, you may mince it again. Add to the mixture Béchamel and cheese Zvenygorodskyi Extra fine grated. Make one layer of lasagna sheets in a roasting pan and spread a layer of sauce over it. The same way make 45 layers. Bake lasagna for about 1 hour at 180 оС.


Zvenygorodskiy «Extra»

Zvenygorodskiy «Extra» is the first cheese produced at our plant according to the original recipe. For almost 30 years this kind of cheese with a strong piquant taste has been popular not only in Ukraine, but in neighboring countries as well. But the real cheese Zvenygorodkiy is Zvenygorodskiy of the TM Zveny Gora from Zvenygorodka. Zvenygorodskiy «Extra» tastes wonderful in pizzas, lasagnas and with grilled meat.

Zvenygorodskiy «Extra», wheel

— 7 kg —

Zvenygorodskiy «Extra», pre-packed

— 285 g / 200 g —

Zvenygorodskiy «Extra», slices

— 150 g —

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