Potatoes stuffed with Brie Ile de France and salmon

Potatoes  4,
salmon fillet  200 g,
dill  1 beam,
Brie Ile de France 125 g,
soft curd cheese 9%  200 g,
salt and pepper to taste

40 min.

Type of dishes
Main course




Cook jacket potatoes, let cool down. Heat the oven to 210 °C. Dice the salmon and cheese. Wash and dry the dill, cut finely. Cut each potato in halves longwise and remove the core leaving borders of 1–1,5 cm. Mash the pulp with a fork and mix with cheese, pieces of Brie Ile de France, salmon and dill. Season with salt and pepper. Stuff the potato halves with this mixture, put into a heatproof dish and bake in the oven for 20 min. Serve hot.


Ile de France

The brand representing the best known French cheeses in the world. It is called in honor of the ship which first brought the French cheese brie to the United States of America. It happened in 1936 and since that time «Ile de France» has been the biggest exporter of French cheeses in this country.

Brie «Ile de France»

— 3 kg —

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