Toasts with baked cherry tomatoes and Camembert Ile de France

Cherry tomatoes  6,
olive oil  23 tablespoons,
Camembert Ile de France 125 g  125 g,
fresh wholemeal bread,
Worchester sauce.

2 h 20 min.

Type of dish




Cut the tomatoes in halves and put lay out the baking tray to bake, cover with baking paper. Cut the herbs and mix with olive oil. Grease each tomato with a little bit of oil with herbs. Cook in the oven for 3040 min. It depends on the size of the tomatoes  they should look wrinkled and dry outside, but remain juicy inside. Toast each side of bread, put sliced Brie on top. Grill the toasts a little until Camembert melts. If you want, add some Worchester sauce. Serve with baked tomatoes.


Ile de France

The brand representing the best known French cheeses in the world. It is called in honor of the ship which first brought the French cheese brie to the United States of America. It happened in 1936 and since that time «Ile de France» has been the biggest exporter of French cheeses in this country.

Brie «Ile de France»

— 3 kg —

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