Steak with pear, quince and blue veined Brie Ile de France

Steaks  2×200 g,
quince jam  2 tablespoons,
peeled and cut in 8 thin slices pear  1,
blue veined Brie Ile de France  100 g.

1 h 30 min.

Type of dish
Main course




Grill the steaks and pears until the meat is ready. Spread a bit of quince jam on each steak and put 4 slices of pear on top. Cut Brie in slices 1 cm thick and put on the pear. Grill the steaks again till the cheese is melted. Serve with young potatoes or lettuce.


Ile de France

The brand representing the best known French cheeses in the world. It is called in honor of the ship which first brought the French cheese brie to the United States of America. It happened in 1936 and since that time «Ile de France» has been the biggest exporter of French cheeses in this country.

Blue veined Brie «Ile de France»

— 125 g —

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