Light salad with shrimps and omelet with cheese Smetankovyi Zveny Gora

Lettuce  1 beam,
uncleaned shrimps  200 g,
cucumber  1,
salt to taste.
For omelet:
cheese Smetankovyi Zveny Gora  50 g,
eggs  2,
milk  1 tablespoon.
For dressing:
garlic  1 clove,
home-made mayonnaise.

30 min.

Type of dish




Grate the cheese finely, beat the eggs, add grated cheese and milk and mix. Melt in the frying pan a little butter, pour beaten eggs with cheese in the frying-pan and cook omelet over a low heat. Cool it off and cut into squares. Put the shrimps into boiling water with salt for 1 min., then tip them out into a colander, rinse with cold water and clean them. Clean out the cucumbers and slice. Wash the lettuce and tear it by hands.
Squeeze garlic into mayonnaise and mix. Add mayonnaise with garlic to the lettuce and cucumbers and mix. Then add the shrimps and cheese omelet. Mix once more and add salt if necessary.



Smetankovyi is a soft nutritious cheese with a homogenous texture and an expressive creamy taste. This cheese tastes perfect on a slice of fragrant white bread and is wonderfully combined with fresh fruit or a glass of light young wine.

Smetankovyi, block

— 5 kg —

Rossiyskiy, pre-packed

— 200 g / 285 g —

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