Burger-omelet with cheese Gollandskyi Zveny Gora

Red sweet pepper  1;
green chili  1,
beam of dill  1,
eggs  2,
buns for burgers  2,
red salad onion  1,
cheese Gollandskyi Zveny Gora  4 slices,
olive oil  1 tablespoon,
arugula leaves,
salt, pepper to taste.

1 h

Type of dish
Main course




Dice red sweet pepper. Cut chili in thin strips. Cut dill finely.
Fry the vegetables a little, stirring constantly. Add dill and mix with the pepper. Beat the eggs and spread them evenly on the vegetable mixture with the help of a scapula. Cover the frying-pan and leave for a couple of minutes. Cut the buns in halves. Season the eggs with salt and pepper. Put the bun halves on the eggs, turn over so that stuffing is on top. Put on the eggs of each half 2 slices of cheese, some arugula leaves, onion, and cover with another half. Leave in the frying-pan for a minute and serve.



Gollandskiy is the kind of cheese which has been popular in the world for centuries. Gollandskiy Zveny Gora is like classical music which will always be in fashion. It will be suitable for any culinary recipe and for any party.

Gollandskiy, block

— 5 kg —

Gollandskiy, pre-packed

— 200 g / 285 g —

Gollandskiy, slices

— 150 g —

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