Cheese soup with processed cheese Zveny Gora

Processed cheese Zveny Gora 90 g Mushrooms  4 briquettes,
carrots  34,
onions  23,
potatoes  45,
canned corn  1 can,
oil  3 tablespoons,
water  3 l,
khmeli-suneli  1 teaspoon,
salt  ¾ tablespoon.

1 h

Type of dish
Main course




Cut carrots and onions in big pieces, fry in oil in the soup pot. Pour water into the pot with vegetables and bring to the boil. Clean potatoes, dice and add to the boiling water. Reduce the heat and cook for 20 min. When the vegetables are ready, take them out, season with salt and khmeli-suneli. Then rub the vegetables through a fine sieve or blend them. Put the puree back to the pot and bring to the boil again. Cut processed cheese, drain water from the canned corn, add it to the soup removed from the heat, and stir well. Serve the cheese soup with croutons and herbs, hot or cool.


Processed cheese briquette

Processed cheese in briquette is a nutritious, convenient, thus very popular product. Made of natural Zveni Gora hard cheese.


— 75 g —


— 75 g —


— 75 g —


— 75 g —

Dill and garlic

— 75 g —

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