Soup with salmon fillet and processed cheese cream Zveny Gora

Processed cheese cream Zveny Gora  175 g,
chicken broth  400 ml,
white wine  25 ml,
broccoli  30 g,
salmon fillet  70 g,
thick cream  50 ml,
garlic croutons,
olive oil,

30 min.

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Heat the broth, keep the heat kind of medium and add the processed cheese. Whip intensively until cheese is melted. While the soup is being cooked, marinate the salmon and prepare the croutons. Sprinkle the salmon with rosemary, salt, pepper and olive oil. Leave for 510 min., then grill.

For croutons: slice white bread. Mix garlic with olive oil, spread the mixture on all of the slices and dry them in the oven. Add pepper, white wine and cream to the soup and bring it to the boil. Cut broccoli and lay out on the bottom of a soup bowl. Pour the soup into the bowl, top with grilled salmon and croutons.


Processed cheese cream

Processed cheese cream, a range with a creamy texture, is good not only with fragrant bread, but as a source with fresh vegetables: carrots, celery, cucumbers and sweet pepper. Besides the original flavor we included into the range the favourite flavors of Ukrainian people, such as: mushrooms, dill and garlic and bacon.


— 90 g / 175 g —


— 90 g / 175 g —


— 90 g / 175 g —

Dill and garlic

— 90 g / 175 g —

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