Festive sausages rolled in puff pastry with cheese

Cheese Smetankovyi - 200 g
Puff pastry - 900 g
Sausages - 700 g
Ground beef - 400 u
1 onion
Ketchup - 50 g
Salt, pepper, chilli, cumin
Green onions
Cherry tomatoes

1 h. 30 min.

Type of dish
Main course




Cut the triangles from the puff pastry, put a sausage in each triangle and make rolls. Cover baking tray with some flour and put there sausage rolls. Cover the rolls with beaten egg and bake for 25 min at 200 С°. Fry ground beef and chopped onions, spices and ketchup. Then put the ground beef on the baking tray with sausage rolls (into the center), cover with grated cheese and bake 15 more minutes at 180 С°.



Smetankovyi is a soft nutritious cheese with a homogenous texture and an expressive creamy taste. This cheese tastes perfect on a slice of fragrant white bread and is wonderfully combined with fresh fruit or a glass of light young wine.

Smetankovyi, block

— 5 kg —

Rossiyskiy, pre-packed

— 200 g / 285 g —

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