Salad with champignons, pickles and cheese Ukrainskiy Zveny Gora

Champignons  300 g,
red onion  1,
thyme  1 pinch,
pickles  200 g,
salad cucumber  1,
tomatoes  2,
sour cream  100 g,
ketchup  1 tablespoon,
cheese Ukrainskiy Zveny Gora  150 g,
parsley  1 small beam,
salt and pepper to taste.

40 min.

Type of dish




Dice finely the onion, mushrooms  into thin slices. Fry the onion and mushrooms over medium heat for 5 min. Add salt, pepper, thyme and mix. Cook until the mushrooms have released all their juice and it has evaporated. While the mushrooms are being cooked, dice medium the tomatoes and cucumber, parsley  finely, grate cheese Ukrainskiy Zveny Gora on a coarse grater. Make a dressing  mix sour cream with ketchup and add pepper. In salad bowls spread in layers mushrooms, fresh vegetables, cheese, and parsley. Spread a bit of dressing on each layer. Don’t mix. Top the salad with cheese Ukrainskiy Zveny Gora and parsley. Before serving leave the salad in the fridge for 30 min. to infuse.


Rossiyskiy is evidently the most wide-spread kind of cheese in our part of the world. Its traditional expressive cheese taste with a slight sour note is known to everybody: grannies, mommies and kids. Our masters treat this cheese with respect, thus make it exceptionally according to the classical recipe to please us with the taste familiar since childhood.

Ukrainskiy, wheel

— 3,5 kg / 7 kg —

Ukrainskiy, pre-packed

— 200 g / 285 g —

Ukrainskiy, slices

— 150 g —

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