Rum baba with dried apricots based on butter Zveny Gora

For dough:
flour  145 g,
dry yeast  7 g,
eggs  2,
salt  ½ teaspoon,
sugar  40 g,
butter Zveny Gora at room temperature  100 g.
For stuffing:
medium sized orange  1,
white dessert wine  350 ml,
water  200 ml,
sugar  200 g,
cardamoms  5,
dry apricots, sliced lengthwise  100 g.

4 h 30 min.

Type of dish




Rum baba should be baked 2–4 days before serving. Mix flour, yeast, eggs and salt in a bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed. Add sugar and continue mixing for 5 min. Add butter, stir until homogeneous. Beat the dough 15 min. more. Put the dough into a pastry bag with a round header 1 min. diameter. Grease the shaped baking pan with butter. Place the dough on the bottom of the pan. Cover with cling film, leave for rising for about 2–2,5 h at room temperature until visual raise.
Heat the oven to 170 °C (classic heat) or 150 °C (with ventilation). Bake the baba for about 20–25 min. or till golden. Remove the baba from the oven, wait for 5 min., take out of the pan and put on a wire rack. Rum baba should be dried for 2–4 day. Cook syrup 1 hour before serving the rum baba. Peel three oranges, slice longwise. Mix the peel, wine, water, sugar, cardamom in a small bowl and bring to the boil over low heat stirring from time to time. Cook for 2–3 min. Remove from the heat, add dried apricots and let infuse for 30 min. Strain the syrup through a sieve, leave dried apricots and peels for serving. Heat the syrup to 50 °C. Put the baba in a pan where it was baked, pour warm syrup on it and leave minimum for 30 min. to get soaked. Bring to the boil the rest of the syrup, simmer for 8–10 min. until thickened. Put the Rum baba on a plate; decorate with dried apricots and orange peels.


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Sweet cream butter

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