Piquant spread for sandwiches from curd cheese Zveny Gora Traditional

Curd cheese Zveny Gora Traditional 9,5%  230 g,
leek  1,
garlic  1 clove,
sour cream  2 tablespoons,
lettuce  1 bunch,
lemon juice  1 teaspoon,
pumpkin oil  3 tablespoons,
pinch of pepper
tomato  1,

30 min.

Type of dishes




Cut the leek and garlic in small pieces and saute them quickly in a frying-pan. Add curd cheese and sour cream, chopped dill, pumpkin oil and pepper. Then season with lemon juice and mix. Serve on toasts. Decorate with a slice of tomato and arugula.

Curd cheese «Traditional»

«Traditional» cheese has a dense texture of real homemade curds. It is used to make cheese cakes, cheese puddings and other pastries. And if you want to have a nutritious quick meal, we recommend «Traditional» in a small package of 230 grams.

Traditional curd cheese, fat free (skim)

— 230 g / 400 g —

Traditional curd cheese, 9,5%

— 230 g / 400 g —

Traditional curd cheese, 15%

— 230 g / 400 g —

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