Pasta with vegetables and cheese Figura

Pasta  200300 g,
carrot  1,
celery  1 stalk,
zucchini  1,
onion  1,
garlic  1 clove,
cream 15 or 20%  300 ml,
cheese Figura  120 g,
peel 1 lemon,
½ lemon juice,
olive oil  2 tablespoons,
basil or thyme  1 pinch,
salt, pepper to taste,
grated cheese Dobrodar.

1 h

Type of dish
Main course




Cut the vegetables finely. Heat the olive oil in a stewpot, add vegetables and cook stirring 7 min. Pour cream into the stewpot, add basil, salt and pepper. Cook over low heat 5 or 7 min. Cook pasta al dente, which means that the texture remains elastic. Put grated cheese into the stewpot and stir until the cheese melts in the sauce. Blend the sauce a little without making it homogeneous. Mix pasta with the sauce, add grated lemon peel and lemon juice, mix again. Top with grated cheese and serve.



«Figura» is the latest recipe inspired by modern Ukrainians’ lifestyle. It is a light but nutritious cheese with traditional milk taste and aroma. It is a good source of protein after sporting activities and a wonderful product for those who care about their body. Our masters recommend Figura to be served with light fruit and vegetable salads or for various sandwiches with dietetic bread, fresh herbs and vegetables.

Figura, block

— 5 kg —

Figura, pre-packed

— 180 g —

Figura, slices

— 130 g —

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