Lemon-ginger pancakes with curd cheese Zveny Gora Crumbly with raisins

For curd pancakes:
curd cheese Zveny Gora Crumbly with raisins 9,5%  2 packs or 400 g,
eggs  2,
sugar  2 tablespoons,
flour  5 tablespoons,
peel 1 lemon,
dry ginger  ½ teaspoon,
For sauce:
sour cream  100 ml,
egg  1,
peppermint for decoration,
lemon juice  1 tablespoon.

30 min.

Type of dish




Mix curd cheese with an egg in a bowl with a fork. Grate lemon peel. Add sugar and the lemon peel to the cheese mixture and stir intensively. While stirring, add flour and ginger. Form pancakes and dredge them. Fry each side of the pancakes for several min. For the sauce, whisk sour cream with sugar. Add cut peppermint and lemon juice to the sour cream and stir intensively. Serve with the sauce, decorate with a peppermint sprig.


More about Сurd cheese Сrumbly

Curd cheese «Crumbly»

«Crumbly» has a light texture, thus it is easily crumbled. It tastes better with honey or jam. If you want a ready quick meal,
take «Crumbly» with raisins or dried apricots.

Творог «Розсипчастий» з родзинками

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