Potato pies with cheese Gollandskyi Zveny Gora (cooked in a sandwich maker)

Jacket potatoes  300 g,
egg  1,
flour  23 tablespoons,
olive oil  2 tablespoons,
dry thyme or basil  1/3 teaspoon,
cheese Gollandskyi Zveny Gora  50 g,
salt and pepper to taste.

1 h

Type of dish
Main course




Clean and mash potatoes, add the egg, salt, pepper and spices and mix until homogeneous. Pour the flour, add the oil and mix again. Cut the cheese into small pieces. Preheat the sandwich maker. Put a tablespoon of potato mass in each triangle. Make a hole for the cheese, put the cheese. Put another tablespoon of potato mass on top. Close the sandwich maker and cook for 7 min., until the pies become golden. Serve hot with ketchup or home-made mayonnaise and fresh vegetables.



Gollandskiy is the kind of cheese which has been popular in the world for centuries. Gollandskiy Zveny Gora is like classical music which will always be in fashion. It will be suitable for any culinary recipe and for any party.

Gollandskiy, block

— 5 kg —

Gollandskiy, pre-packed

— 200 g / 285 g —

Gollandskiy, slices

— 150 g —

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