Stuffed potatoes with cheese Dobrodar

Cheese Dobrodar - 150 g
Butter - 50 g
Milk - 150 g
Minced meat - 300 g
Leek - 50 g
Flour - 2 tablespoons
Carrot - 100 g
Green peas - 150 g
Salt, pepper
Beef broth - 150 g

1 h 30 min.

Type of dish
Main course




Bake whole potatoes, cut off a little at the top and take out the core, mix the core with butter, cheese and milk in a separate bowl. Fry minced meat and chopped leek, carrot, flour, green peas in a pan and add beef broth. Put meat and vegetables in potatoes, cover the tops with already prepared smashed potatoes and bake.



«Dobrodar» is the cheese which has fulfilled the dream of many Ukrainians about a premium cheese produced according to a Ukrainian cheese making recipe. It is the most mature of all Zveny Gora cheeses. It ripens for 45 days covered with special wax. Under this wax cover «Dobrodar» breathes acquiring its fruity notes. It has an elastic and dense texture and a soft, discreet but expressive taste. It never gets lost among the tastes of other cheeses and having once tried it you will always be willing to return to it again and again. «Dobrodar» is the kind of cheese our masters can rightly be proud of and for many Ukrainians it is a trademark of Zveny Gora.

Dobrodar, wheel

— 3,5 кg —

Dobrodar, pre-packed

— 230 g —

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