Cheese balls with figs, orange and curd cheese Zveny Gora Crumbly

Curd cheese Zveny Gora Crumbly 5%  330 g,
oranges  2,
figs  2,
cream  160 ml,
honey  2 tablespoons.

45 min.

Type of dish




Rub the curd cheese through a sieve. Clean the oranges, relieve them from membranes and dice. Cut figs finely. Prepare a flat tray or a big plate and put it into a freezer to cool off. Mix rubbed curds, figs, orange cubes, and honey in an enameled bowl until homogeneous. Form balls out of this mixture and lay them out on the plate. Whip the cream, pour it on the cheese balls and, if you want, decorate with peppermint. Put the dessert into a freezer for 5 min. and serve.


Curd cheese «Crumbly»

«Crumbly» has a light texture, thus it is easily crumbled. It tastes better with honey or jam. If you want a ready quick meal,
take «Crumbly» with raisins or dried apricots.

Crumbly curd cheese, 5%

— 330 g —

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