Appetizer with herring and processed cheese cream Zveny Gora Original

Herring fillet  200 g,
processed cheese cream Zveny Gora Original  175 g,
carrot  100 g,
butter Zveny Gora.
pepper to taste.

30 min.

Type of dishes




Boil carrots, clean and dice them. Dice cleaned herring fillet and blend together with processed cheese cream. Mix herring fillet with cheese and soft butter in a bowl. Season with pepper and stir. Serve on toasts or boiled potato slices.

Processed cheese cream

Processed cheese cream, a range with a creamy texture, is good not only with fragrant bread, but as a source with fresh vegetables: carrots, celery, cucumbers and sweet pepper. Besides the original flavor we included into the range the favourite flavors of Ukrainian people, such as: mushrooms, dill and garlic and bacon.


— 90 g / 175 g —


— 90 g / 175 g —


— 90 g / 175 g —

Dill and garlic

— 90 g / 175 g —

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