Wafers with oat flakes and cheese Figura (made in a wafer maker)

Cheese Figura  100 g,
oat flakes  50 g,
rosemary  1 sprig,
thyme  1 sprig,
soft butter Zveny Gora  125 g,
eggs  4,
flour  200 g,
baking powder  2 pinches,
cream  150 g.

1 h 20 min.

Type of dish




Grate the cheese Figura finely. Dry the oat flakes in a frying-pan. Cut fresh herbs finely. Cut the butter into small pieces with a help of blender. While blending, add eggs one by one and salt. In a separate bowl mix flour, oat flakes and baking powder and add to the egg mixture together with cream, then add cheese and herbs. Mix everything well. Bake in a wafer maker.



«Figura» is the latest recipe inspired by modern Ukrainians’ lifestyle. It is a light but nutritious cheese with traditional milk taste and aroma. It is a good source of protein after sporting activities and a wonderful product for those who care about their body. Our masters recommend Figura to be served with light fruit and vegetable salads or for various sandwiches with dietetic bread, fresh herbs and vegetables.

Figura, block

— 5 kg —

Figura, pre-packed

— 180 g —

Figura, slices

— 130 g —

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