Toscana muffin based on butter Zveny Gora

Flour  2,5 glass,
eggs  4,
butter Zveny Gora 73%  130 g,
raisins (previously watered)  75 g,
citrus candied fruit or other dried fruit  50 g,
peel 1 lemon,
peel 1 orange,
milk  ¼ glass,
any liqueur  ½ glass,
baking powder  2 teaspoons,
pinch of salt.

1 h 20 min.

Type of dish




Beat sugar with butter, add eggs one by one. Then add lemon and orange peel, sieved flour, baking powder, milk, liqueur and stir everything. Add cut dried fruit and stir again. Preheat the oven to 200 °C. Pour the dough into a baking-pan and bake for 35–40 min.


Sweet cream butter

The sweet cream butter Zveny Gora is produced only from fresh high quality cream and is fully natural. It is a digestible
product giving your body force and energy.

Sweet cream butter

— 200 g —

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