Authenticity, tradition and craftsmanship - the "new" values of today - have been the basis of cheese from Holland itself for more than a century. A small family business, has been trading and producing cheese in its region since the 1880s.

Maasdam (Holland)

— 12 kg (+/- 10%) —

Maasdam can be recognized by its large holes and sweet-nutty taste. Our traditional and popular Maasdam cheese is delicious as an appetizer and for breakfast.

(per 100 g)


  Maasdam (Holland)
Fat content in dry matter   45%
Protein 27,6 g
Fat 28,5 g
Calorific (energy) value 1535 kJ (370 kcal)
Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature 2-6 °C 210 days