The whey powder of TM Zveny Gora is fine dry powder of white or light cream color with a sweet-salty taste without any foreign flavors and odors.

Whey powder of TM Zveny Gora is produced using spray drying  of liquid sweet-salty whey obtained in cheese production.

Whey powder

The whey powder TM Zveny Gora contains great protein and lactose as well as milk salts, minerals and trace elements coming from milk. It is natural that such a nutritious and biologically valuable product is widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and feed industries.

The whey powder is used in the following fields:

Whey powder TM Zveny Gora

— 25 kg —



 Shelf-life  18 months from the date of production
 Storage condition, temperature  18 ± 2 °С
 Relative humidity  less than 80%