Cheese is made from high-quality goat milk with a highly delicate texture and a perfectly balanced flavor. It is produced with fine salt, without flavorings, preservatives or other food additives. Moreover, whole goat milk cheeses are especially useful for health, as goat milk is much better assimilated by the human organism than cow milk.

Chavroux with figs

— 150 g —

The Chavroux with figs has a sweet taste and can be a healthy snack for gourmets who want to diversify their everyday menu.

Chavroux with green onion

— 150 g —

Fresh goat cheese combined with delicate onion. Spread it on a slice of fresh bread and the world best breakfast is ready!

(per 100 g)


  Chavroux with figs, 150 g Chavroux with green onion, 150 g
Fat content in dry matter 35% 45%
Protein 10 g 8,7 g
Fat 12 g 12,5 g
Сarbohydrate 7.7 g 3 g
Calorific (energy) value

745 kJ

179 kcal

658 kJ 

159 kcal

Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature 2-6 °C 120 days 180 days