Saint Agur

It’s cheese with spirit — with noble blue mold and a tangy piquant taste. The cheese Saint Agur comes from Montagne Valley situated in a French region called Haute-Loire. For many years the cheese-makers of this region have been searching an ideal manufacturing and ripening technology to make the texture of Saint Agur tender and creamy.

Saint Agur weighted

— 2,3 kg —

The cheese has an eight-square form for a reason. This original form indicates that the cheese was produced with the strictly traditional technologies.

Saint Agur portioned

— 125 g —

An individual package for those, who want to treat themselves to a noble spicy cheese taste.

Saint Agur cream

— 150 g —

It combines the magnificent brackish taste of blue cheese with a fresh cream structure and is produced in accordance with the know-how from the moment of creation.

(per 100 g)


  Saint Agur weighted Saint Agur portioned Saint Agur cream
Fat content in dry matter 60% 60%   55%
Protein 16 g 16 g 12,9 g
Fat 33 g 33 g 24,5 g
Calorific (energy) value 1510 kJ (365 kcal) 1510 kJ (365 kcal) 1180 kJ (282 kcal)
Shelf-life on storage condition on temperature 2-8 °C 65 days 55 days 150 days