In France, this sort of cheese has become a classic of the so-called fresh cheeses. Those are curd cheeses without maturation, which are consumed just after production. The first legendary Tartare with garlic and fragrant herbs was made in 1964 in the Dordogne region in western France. Since then Tartare has become favorite for several generations of French and the cheese-makers have enriched the range of Tartare with not less popular and original flavors.

Tartare Aperitif Italy

— 100 g —

Olives, oregano, garlic, onions, basil, coriander, sweet peppers and tomatoes — the most expressive flavors of the Italian Cuisine in delicate cheese.

Tartare Aperitif Provence

— 100 g —

Well-known herbs of Provence: thyme, onion, chive and basil  have seasoned this fresh cheese.

Tartare with garlic and flavoring herbs

— 150 g —

During production pieces of fresh garlic and herbs are added to chill curds. The curds mix with the ingredients without heating, which makes its taste light and delicate.

(per 100 g)


  Tartare Aperitif Italy Tartare Aperitif Provence Tartare with garlic and flavoring herbs
Fat content in dry matter 70% 70%   60%
Protein 9 g 9 g 7,4 g
Fat 31 g 31 g 22 g
Calorific (energy) value 1351 kJ (327 kcal) 1351 kJ (327 kcal) 243 kcal
Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature 2-6 °C 95 days  95 days  100 days