Milkana — a wide range of cheeses made of only natural ingredients, for all tastes and for any occasion! The most modern production technology and high-quality control ensures the unsurpassed taste of cheese Milkana!

Montaver Milkana Light

— 150 g —

Montaver Milkana Light is for those who care about staying fit, but don’t want to refuse to their favorite cheese.

Montaver Milkana Creamy

— 150 g —

Montaver Milkana Creamy — with a traditional creamy flavor.

Montaver Milkana Classic

— 150 g —

Montaver Milkana Classic — with fruity and nutty notes.

Camembert creamy Milkana

— 2,2 kg —

Soft cheese produced according to traditional recipes literally melts in your mouth. The cheese is sold in special ‘breathing’ packages. That is why it doesn’t lose its gustatory qualities on the way to your table.

(per 100 g)


  Montaver Milkana Light Montaver Milkana Creamy Montaver Milkana Classic Camembert creamy Milkana
Fat content in dry matter 30% 60%  30% 60%
Protein 29 g 19 g 29 g 17,4 g
Fat 16 g 33 g 16 g 36,5 g
Calorific (energy) value 1085 kj (260 kcal) 381 kcal 1085 kj (260 kcal) 397 kcal
Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature 2-6 °C 136 days  106 days  136 days  53 days