Bonjour de France

The trademark specializing in traditional French cheeses —Brie and Camembert. The cheeses are produced in the North-East of France in the Haute-Marne region. The cheeses of Bonjour de France are traditionally canned. Such packing keeps the cheese inside fresh and fragrant for a long time.

Brie Bonjour de France

— 125 g —

Hides a soft texture with a tender creamy taste under a white moldy crust.

Camembert Bonjour de France

— 125 g —

With spicy notes. It will treat the taste buds of the true lovers of French Camembert.

(per 100 g)


Characteristics Brie Bonjour de France Camembert Bonjour de France
Fat content in dry matter 50% 50%
Protein 19 g 19 g
Fat 22,5 g 23,5 g
Calorific (energy) value 1250 KJ (300 kcal) 1250 KJ (300 kcal)

Shelf-life on storage condition, temperature 2-6 °С
300 days