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The yellowed copies of State Planning Committee of the USSR for the years 1950-1970 report that in 1930 a small butter making factory was opened in Zvenigorodka. The building of tsarist vodka distillery was adapted for the production.
In 1934 the factory produced the first samples of cheese which have become a special pride of local residents. Since ancient times milk has been the basis of life in this region and cheese making skills were handed down from generation to generation for centuries.
In 1937 cheese production in Zvenigorodka started on a commercial scale. The product embodied the wisdom of many generations of master cheesemakers and a few years later Zvenigorodka’s cheese was already popular in such cities as Kiev, Moscow and Leningrad. To deliver the cheese from Zvenigorodka a railway branch was constructed. Since then, cheese production in the town has not stopped for a single day.
By the eighties of the last century Zvenigorodka had become one of the largest cheese producers in the USSR. The recipe of the cheese “Zvenigorodskiy” formulated in 1990 has become the hallmark of the plant ever since. Many consumers like its pungent flavor.
In 2001 "Zvenigorodskiy Cheese-Processing Plant" joined a French company SAVENCIA fromage & dairy which is one of the world's largest producers of cheese.
Since 2004 the plant has been renovating its production base. And in 2005 the company was certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001.
In 2008 the company added toits portfolio curd cheeses.
In 2010 TM "Zveni Gora" started the production of the premium cheese "Dobrodar» http://www.zvenigora.com/ru/dobrodar. This long ripening cheese has a saturated aroma and an exceptional flavor.
In 2011 TM "Zveni Gora" extended its portfolio with imported products due to its affiliation to theinternational group which is present in many European countries.
But in spite of the rich history and significant achievements "Zveni Gora" is not going to stop.
The company plans to develop a line of premium cheeses, improve the range of traditional hard cheeses, and work at a family package of cheeses.